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We are working in the Community for the Community

 New Horizons Employment and Staffing was started to serve the community. Our focus centers on people who need a second chance. We focus on the employment and continued support of people in the sobriety community, those trying to make a new start in the community after incarceration, individuals returning to the workforce after surgery, injured veterans, and the physically disabled. Though it is our main focus we are not adverse to accepting anyone who has the desire to start a career including those entering the workforce fresh out of college. Some of our best candidates have the desire and drive to do any work but struggle with a lengthy period of unemployment or no employment history of which to speak of. We feel that by giving them the opportunity to re-enter the work force we will help our community as a whole. 

Devotion To Value

It is our goal to maintain a lean company infrastructure in order to better serve the community. By maintaining this we are able to pass the savings on to our clients and also pay more to our  candidates than the competition. This is a win-win situation thus fostering a strong relationship with the community as a whole.

The extra mile

Not only do we care about our candidates and our clients but we are willing to go the extra mile. We will do anything in our power, where we can, to help both people and businesses in the community to grow. Our hopes is that we well be not just a successful business but a force for prosperity for all lives we touch. This is our promise to you.


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